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TAILOR SHOWROOM / transfer sales activity - Bologna

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60.000 euro


A glamorous bespoke tailoring and artisanal workshop in the city center of Bologna. The store is a point of reference for prestigious Italian customers who recognize and appreciate the real made in Italy. The store is spread over three floors, in 1shop floor with woven mannequins, samples and juki professional sewing machines. in the second there is the cutting area, a relaxation area and the closet, in the third the fitting area with sofa, professional mirror and wedding dresses. The third floor includes the bathroom. The rental price is very cheap for a surface of 180 square meters. The heating and a ceiling fan complete the shop. With the exception of family furnishings, the transfer includes the fabrics, the mannequins, the 3 sewing machines (2 linear and one overlock), the iron, office machines, tables, chairs, refrigerator, sofa mirror and wedding dresses. Only for people with references. this opportunity is concluded within May 30th 2018


裁缝陈列室/转让销售活动 - 博洛尼亚
在博洛尼亚市中心一个迷人的定制和手工作坊。该店是意大利着名顾客的参考点,他们认识并欣赏意大利真正的意大利制造。这家商店分布在三个楼 层,1层的地板上有编织人体模型,样本和juki专业缝纫机。在第二个有切割区域,一个休闲区域和壁橱,在第三个配有沙发,专业镜子和婚纱的 区域。三楼包括浴室。租金价格非常便宜,面积为180平方米。加热和吊扇完成了商店。除家庭用品外,转让还包括面料,人体模特,3台缝纫机 (2台线性和一台包缝机),熨斗,办公设备,桌椅,冰箱,沙发镜和婚纱。仅供参考的人使用。这个机会在2018年5月30日结束。
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Emilia Romagna
Email: fashion61@yahoo.com
TAILOR SHOWROOM / transfer sales activity - BolognaTAILOR SHOWROOM / transfer sales activity - BolognaTAILOR SHOWROOM / transfer sales activity - Bologna

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